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French lavender and thyme. My small old-fashioned metal-tined rake releases the rich scent into the garden. Sage, tarragon, lemon balm. Peppermint and chocolate mint mingle in the air. I am almost giddy. I’m sure this is by far my most favorite garden chore: cleaning up the herb garden. Sometimes I just sit on the stone path in the middle of the garden where I am working, close my eyes and breathe for awhile. It is delirious.

Today is the last 60-degree day of the season, and I am taking advantage of this nice weather to FINALLY rake out the tangle of dead leaves and weeds and cut back the mints and tansy and oregano and chives. The rose hedge was lopped back a few weeks ago (thanks, JR!) and this is the last thing on my list. Well, at least the last thing that wasn’t scratched off for this year and added to start next year’s list instead, like “clean out the garden shed”. That will survive for another winter in its current messiness. I think I can still find everything.

Dusk is settling in as I haul the last load of debris to the compost pile. There is absolute satisfaction in a neat and tidy garden, sweet and pungent aromas still wafting in the early sunset, and the final “THUNK” of the shed door closed and latched for the winter. I stand for a moment to absorb the last of it, head tilted far back to see the pinks spread across the sky, breathing deeply.  All my senses are tingling.  Thank you, Jesus. This is peacefulness.

lavender and roses in July

It’s after I’ve scrubbed my hands in the laundry sink, changed out of my dirt-caked jeans and into cozy sweats and am heating milk in the micro-wave to make a cup of hot cocoa before I start supper, that it occurs to me.  Paul says in 2 Corinthians that we, God’s saints, are a pleasing aroma of Christ.  I imagine our fragrances are each unique, and mingle in a pleasant way.  Maybe God breathes deeply and rejoices.  I have a harder time imagining that mine is a pleasing aroma, but I take that bit on faith.  And even though sometimes I think I’ve known the ‘THUNK’ when that last bit of soul clean-up that God is working on in my heart finally settles into place, there is always more, isn’t there…
It simply begins the next list…
In the meantime, I will tilt my head far back and breathe deeply. This, too, is peacefulness.


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